Behold How the Three Persons Work Together

And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever. – John 14:16

Now, observe here, that each person is spoken of as performing a separate office. “I will pray,” says the Son; that is intercession. “I will send,” says the Father; that is donation. “I will comfort,” says the Holy Spirit; that is supernatural influence. O! if it were possible for us to see the three persons of the Godhead, we should behold one of them standing before the throne, with outstretched hands, crying day and night, “O, Lord, how long?” We should see one girt with Urim and Thummim, precious stones, on which are written the twelve names of the tribes of Israel; we should behold Him, crying unto His Father, “Forget not Thy promises, forget not Thy covenant;” we should hear Him make mention of our sorrows, and tell forth our griefs on our behalf, for He is our intercessor. And could we behold the Father, we should not see Him a listless and idle spectator of the intercession of the Son, but we should see Him with attentive ear listening to every word of Jesus, and granting every petition. Where is the Holy Spirit all the while? Is He lying idle? O no; He is floating over the earth, and when He seas a weary soul, He says, “Come to Jesus, He will give you rest;” when He beholds an eye filled with tears, He wipes away the tears, and bids the mourner look for comfort on the cross; when He sees the tempest-tossed believer, He takes the helm of His soul and speaks the word of consolation; He helpeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds; and, ever on His mission of mercy, He flies around the world, being everywhere present. Behold, how the three persons work together. Do not then say, “I am grateful to the Son”-so you ought to be, but God the Son no more saves you than God the Father. Do not imagine that God the Father is a great tyrant, and that God the Son had to die to make Him merciful. It was not to make the Father’s love towards His people. Oh, no. One loves as much as the other; the three are conjoined in the great purpose of rescuing the elect from damnation. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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