Each Feeble Saint Shall Win the Day

…till He send forth judgment unto victory. -Matthew 12:30

Victory! There is something beautiful in that word. The death of Sir John Moore, in the Peninsular war, was very touching; he fell in the arms of triumph; and sad as was his fate, I doubt not that his eye was lit up with lustre by the shout of victory. So also, I suppose, that Wolfe spoke a truth when he said, “I die happy,” having just before heard the shout, “they run, they run.” I know victory even in that bad sense-for I look not upon earthly victories as of any value-must have cheered the warrior. But oh! how cheered the saint when he knows that victory is his! I shall fight during all my life, but I shall write “vici” on my shield. I shall be “more than conqueror through Him that loved me.” Each feeble saint shall win the day; each man upon his crutches; each lame one; each one full of infirmity, sorrow, sickness, and weakness, shall gain the victory. “They shall come with singing unto Zion; as well the blind, and lame, and halt, and the woman with child, together.” So saith the Scripture. Not one shall be left out; but He shall “send forth judgment unto victory.” Victory! victory! victory! This is the lot of each Christian; he shall triumph through his dear Redeemer’s name…

He will not cast thee away; for the smoking flax he will not quench, and the bruised reed he will not break.~ C.H. Spurgeon



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