Our Blood-Bought Treasure

I will celebrate my deliverance, and call on the name of the LORD.-Psalm 116:13 NET

Jesus said, “I will take the cup of salvation;” and He did take it-the cup of our deliverance. Bitter were its drops; gall lay in its depths; there were groans, and sighs, and tears, within the red mixture but He took it all, and drank it to its dregs, and swallowed all the awful draught. All was gone. He drank the cup of salvation, and He ate the bread of affliction… Behold His brow covered with sweat; witness the agonies as they follow each other into the very depths of His soul. Speak, ye lost, and tell what hell’s torment means; but ye cannot tell what the torments of Gethsemane were… Ah! that wrestling man-God-that suffering man of Gethsemane! Weep o’er Him, saints-weep o’er Him; when ye see Him rising from that prayer in the garden, marching forth to His cross; when ye picture Him hanging on His cross four long hours in the scorching sun, overwhelmed by His Father’s passing wrath-when ye see His side streaming with gore-when ye hear His death-shriek, “It is finished,”-and see His lips all parched, and moistened by nothing save the vinegar and the gall,-ah! then prostrate yourselves before that cross, bow down before that sufferer, and say, “Thou hast made us-Thou hast made us what we are; we are nothing without Thee.” The cross of Jesus is the foundation of the glory of the saints; Calvary is the birth-place of heaven; heaven was born in Bethlehem’s manger; had it not been for the sufferings and agonies of Golgotha we should have had no blessing. Oh, saint! in every mercy see the Saviour’s blood; look on this Book-it is sprinkled with His blood; look on this house of prayer-it is sanctified by His sufferings; look on your daily food-it is purchased with His groans. Let every mercy come to you as a blood-bought treasure; value it because it comes from Him; and ever more say, “Thou hast made us what we are.”~ C.H. Spurgeon



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