The Sleep of Contentment

But godliness with contentment is great gain. -1 Timothy 6:6

(T)here is the sleep of contentment which the Christian enjoys. How few people in this world are satisfied. No man ever need fear offering a reward of a thousand pounds to a contented man; for if any one came to claim the reward, he would of course prove his discontent. We are all in a measure, I suspect, dissatisfied with our lot; the great majority of mankind are always on the wing; they never settle; they never light on any tree to build their nest; but they are always fluttering from one to the other. This tree is not green enough, that is not high enough, this is not beautiful enough, that is not picturesque enough; so they are ever on the wing, and never build a peaceful nest at all. The Christian builds his nest; and as the noble Luther said, “Like yon little bird upon the tree, he hath fed himself tonight-he knoweth not where his breakfast is tomorrow. He sitteth there while the winds rock the tree; he shuts his eyes, puts his head under his wing, and sleeps; and, when he awakes in the morning sings,

Mortals cease from toil and sorrow;
God provideth for the morrow.”

How few there are who have that blessed contentment-who can say, “I want nothing else; I want but little here below-yea, I long for nothing more-I am satisfied-I am content.”

With Thy will I leave the rest,
Grant me but this one request;
Both in life and death to prove
Tokens of Thy special love.

~ C.H. Spurgeon


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