He Shall Strengthen Your Heart

…and He shall strengthen your heart…Psalm 31:24

How does God strengthen men’s hearts? Well, sometimes, by gracious providence It is a grand thing to get into such deep water that you cannot touch the bottom, and must swim, and then to feel the eternal buoyancy of God’s providence bearing you up. It is grand swimming when there are ten thousand fathoms of ocean below you, there is no fear of knocking your foot against a rock then; and when you get right out into a simple dependence upon the living God, and feel the waves of His eternal influences round about you, then will you be happy and blest.

…So, too, have I known a man’s heart to be mightily strengthened by a precious promise. Who knows the wonderful power of a text of Scripture? We used to have, thirty years ago,—I do not know whether you have them now,—”poor men’s plasters” which we used when we felt weak in the back; but a promise out of the Scripture is a poor man’s plaster indeed. What strength it gives to the loins! How we seem to be braced up when we truly lay hold of a promise of God, and it really gets a grip upon our spirit!

Who has ever made Him deny His promise, or retract His word? If thou wilt trust Him, He will be better to thee than thy fears; nay, better to thee than thy beliefs, or thy largest hopes. Stay yourselves upon Him; lean upon the bosom of eternal love; lean hard, lean all your weight there, and leave that weight there, and the Lord be with you, and bless you! Blessed are all they that trust in the Lord. ~ C.H. Spurgeon



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