The Triumph is the Lord’s

Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph! -Psalm 47:1

Christian, thou fightest side by side with Jesus; Christ is with thee; every blow is a blow aimed at Christ; every slander is a slander on Christ; the battle is the Lord’s; the triumph is the Lord’s, therefore, still on to victory! I remember a story of a great commander, who, having won many glorious victories, led his troops into a defile, and when there, a large body of the enemy entirely surrounded him. He knew a battle was inevitable on the morning, he therefore went round to all the tents, to hear in what condition his soldier’s minds were-whether they were dispirited or not. He came to one tent, and as he listened, he heard a man say, “There is our general; he is very brave, but he is very unwise this time; he has led us into a place where we are sure to be beaten; there are so many of the enemy’s cavalry, so many infantry:” and then the man counted up all the troops on their own side, and made them only so many. Then the commander, after he had heard the tale, gently drew aside a part of the tent, and said, “How many do you count me for? You have counted the infantry and cavalry; but how many do you count me for-me, your mighty captain, who have won so many victories.”

Now, Christian, I say, how many do you count one? He is not one, nor a thousand: He is the “chief among ten thousand.” But He is more than that. Oh! put Him down for a high figure; and when thou countest up thine aids and auxiliaries, put down Christ for all in all, for in Him victory is certain-the triumph is secure. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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