The New Song

You who are King of kings and Lord of lords, we worship You. Before Jehovah’s awful throne we bow with sacred joy. 

Sermon Text


4 thoughts on “The New Song

  1. Spurgeon’s understanding of Christmas in 1855 was it was Catholic not Protestant
    Spurgeon did not celebrate Christmas as stated by him in 1856
    Spurgeon told his church in 1857 to use Christmas gatherings for evangelism
    Spurgeon did preach on the birth of Christ during Christmastime in 1859 and 1868
    Spurgeon’s learning brought him to believe Christmas to be of pagan origin in 1871
    Spurgeon no longer preached on Christmas after 1871. He died in 1892.
    Christmas was a witch’s sabbath used by Catholics on their festival calender and was generally suppressed both in England and the American colonies by the Protestants


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