Like Precious Faith

(T)o them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ: -2 Peter 1:1

To them that have obtained like precious faith. -There are three things in the New Testament which are called precious:-One of them, you know, is the precious blood of Christ; another is the exceeding great and precious promises; and faith has the honor of being the third thing-“To them that have obtained like precious faith.” So that faith is one of God’s three precious things, It is one of the things which He values above all others. I was astonished yesterday, when I met with an idea in an old divine, concerning the honor which God puts on faith: says he, “Christ takes the crown off his own head to put it on to faith’s head.” Mark you how often He says, “Thy faith hath saved thee.” Now it is not faith that saves, it is Christ that saves. “Thy faith hath healed thee,” says Christ. Now faith did not heal, it was Christ that healed, but Christ did uncrown himself to crown faith. He took the royal diadem of salvation from His own head and placed it on the brow of faith, and therein He made faith “the King of kings”-for it wears the crown which the King of kings alone can wear-“the crown of salvation.” Do you not know that we read, “We are justified by faith.” Now, in one sense this is not the fact, for the matter of justification is the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. We are justified by Christ, but Christ arrays faith in His own royal garments, and renders it truly illustrious. Jesus Christ always puts faith in the seat of honor.

Well, if Christ thinks so much of faith ought we not to esteem it most highly. Is it possible to think too highly of that jewel which Christ reckons to be the most valuable? If He sets faith in the forefront of the forehead of virtue, and if He regards it as the choicest gem in the crown of the Christian, oh! will it not awaken us to see whether we have it or not? For if we have it we are rich-rich in faith and promises; but if we possess it not, whatever we have, we are poor-poor in this world, and poor in the next.~ C.H. Spurgeon

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