The Christian Comes to His Grave

Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. -Job 5:26

“Thou shalt come to thy grave.” Old Caryl makes this remark on this verse-“A willingness and a cheerfulness to die. Thou shalt come, thou shalt not be dragged or hurried to thy grave, as it is said of the foolish rich man, Luke 12. This night shall thy soul be taken from thee. But thou shalt come to thy grave, thou shalt die quietly and smilingly, as it were; thou shalt go to thy grave, as it were upon thine own feet, and rather walk than be carried to thy sepulchre.”…Behold two men sat together in the same house: when Death came to each of them. He said to one, “Thou shalt die.” The man looked at him-tears suffused his eyes, and tremblingly he said, “O Death, I cannot, I will not die.” He sought out a physician, and said to him, “I am sick, for Death hath looked upon me. His eyes have paled my cheeks, and I fear I must depart. Physician, there is my wealth, give me health and let me live.” The physician took his wealth, but gave him not his health with all his skill. The man changed his physician and tried another, and thought that perhaps he might spin out the thread of life a little longer. But, alas! Death came and said, “I have given thee time to try thy varied excuses, come with me; thou shalt die.” And he bound him hand and foot, and made him go to that dark land of shades. As the man went, he clutched at every side post by the way; but Death, with iron hands, still pulled him on….Death said, “Come on! thou art my captive, and thou shalt die.” And unwillingly as the laggard schoolboy, who goeth slowly to school, so did he trace the road with Death. He did not come to his grave, but Death fetched him to it-the grave came to him.

But Death said to the other man, “I am come for thee.” He smilingly replied, “Ah, Death! I know thee, I have seen thee many a time. I have held communion with thee. Thou art my Master’s servant, thou hast come to fetch me home. Go, tell my Master I am ready; whene’er He pleases, Death, I am ready to go with thee.” And together they went along the road, and held sweet company. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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