Thou Shalt Sing Before His Face

Our God is the God of salvation; and to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death. -Psalm 68:20

“My dear friends, you who are not converted… God knoweth there are some of you that are on the road to hell; and do not suppose you will enter heaven, if you go hell’s road. Nobody would expect, if he proceeded to the north, to arrive at the south. Nay; God must change thine heart. By simple trust in Jesus, if thou givest thyself up to His mercy, even though the vilest of the vile, thou shalt sing before His face. And methinks, poor sinner, thou wilt say to me, as a poor woman did last Wednesday, after I had been preaching, when I believe everybody had been crying, from the least to the greatest, and even the preacher in the pulpit. As I went down, I said to one, “Are you chaff or wheat?” And she said, “Ah !I trembled tonight, sir.” I said to another, “Well, sister, I hope we shall be in Paradise soon.” And she replied, “You may, sir.” And I came to another, and said, “Well, do you think you will be gathered with the wheat?” And she answered, “One thing I can say-if God ever lets me get into heaven, I will praise Him with all my might. I will sing myself away, and shall never think I can sing loud enough.” It reminded me of what an old disciple once said: “If the Lord Jesus does but save me He shall never hear the last of it.” Let us praise God, then, eternally-

“While life, or thought, or being lasts,
Or immortality endures!”

But with my Lord I will now take my feast of loves. Oh, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Thou art heaven! I want nought else. I am lost in thee!~ C.H. Spurgeon


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