In the Enemy’s Land

“Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” -Psalm 90:1

(T)he Israelites were very much exposed to all kinds of noxious creatures, owing to their residing in tents, and their habits of wandering. At one time the fiery serpent was their foe. By night the wild beasts prowled around them. Unless that fiery pillar had been a wall of fire around them and glory in the midst, they might all have fallen a prey to the wild monsters that roamed the deserts. Worse foes they found in human kind. The Amalekites rushed down from the mountains; wild wandering hordes constantly attacked them. They never felt themselves secure, for they were travelers through an enemy’s country. They were hasting across a land where they were not wanted, to another land that was providing means to oppose them when they should arrive.

Such is the Christian. He is journeying through an enemy’s land; every day he is exposed to danger. His tent may be broken down by death; the slanderer is behind him, the open foeman is before him; the wild beast that prowls by night, and the pestilence that wasteth by day, continually seek his destruction; he finds no rest where he is; he feels himself exposed. But, says Moses, “Though we live in a tent exposed to wild beasts and fierce men, yet Thou art our habitation. In Thee we find no exposure. Within Thee we find ourselves secure, and in Thy glorious person we dwell as in an impregnable tower of defense, safe from every fear and alarm, knowing that we are secure.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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