Come and Welcome, Sinner, Come!

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. -Luke 19:10

Timid spirit, timid spirit, put away the thought that He is unwilling to save. It is a lie against thy own soul; it is a libel against His character. What! He unwilling to distribute that which He so freely bought at so immense a price! Do you see in any one period of His life an unwillingness to save?.. It is done; redemption is accomplished, and think you He was so earnest and so intent on the work of redemption, and now is unwilling to reap the fruits of it? Why, do you not know, poor penitent, that He died to save you, and think you that it needs much argument to move the heart that once was pierced to pity and compassion? Scout the thought once for all. He is able to forgive; that thou knowest. He is as willing as He is able. Infinite is His ability, and as infinite His willingness. I beseech thee, distrust Him not. Come as thou art, with all thy sins about thee. Come, now and put thy trust in Him. Thou shalt find the door of heaven’s gate not creaking on its hinges, but standing on jar and opening easily…

He is not unwilling; thou art unwilling. If there be any hardness of heart, it lies with thee, and not with Him. If there be difficulties in the way of thy salvations they are difficulties in thyself, not in Him. Come and welcome. This is the invitation which reaches thee to day from heaven’s festal board. Come and welcome. Come and welcome. Come and welcome, sinner, come! Let nothing make thee linger. He thirsts to save; He pants to bless. He longs to redeem and ransom. Only trust Him; and if thou be made glad when thou trustest, He will be glad too…So come, and make thy Savior glad. Come and make Him see of the travail of His soul that He may be abundantly satisfied. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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