Creator of Peace

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. -Genesis 1:1

Go back in your imagination to the time when the majestic Father stepped from His solitude and commenced the work of creation. Picture to yourself the moment when He speaks the word and the first matter is formed. Before that time there had been neither space, nor time, nor aught existing, save Himself. He speaks and it is done, He commands and it stands fast…

God created no war. The evil angel brought it first. Left to his free will, he fell. The elect angels being confirmed by grace, stood fast and firm; but God was not the author of any war, or any strife. Satan of himself conceived the rebellion, but God was not the author of it. He may from all eternity have foreseen it, and it may even be said in some sense that He ordained it to manifest His justice and His glory, and to show His mercy and sovereignty in redeeming man; but God had no hand in it whatsoever. The Eternal abjures war; He was not the author of it. Satan led the van, that morning star who sang together with the rest, fell of himself, God was not the author of his confusion, but the author of eternal and blessed order…He is in no sense whatever the author of the present confusion in this world; that was brought about by our first parents through the temptation of the evil one. God did not create this world for strife. When He first fashioned it, peace, peace, peace, was the universal order of the day. May there come a time when peace once more shall be restored to this great earth, and tranquility to this world! ~ C.H. Spurgeon

7 thoughts on “Creator of Peace

  1. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Isaiah 45:7


    I shall note this morning, in addressing you, that since the Lord creates darkness as well as light; first of all, eclipses of every kind are part of God’s way of governing the world; in the second place, we shall notice that since God creates the darkness as well as the light, we may conclude beyond a doubt that he has a design in the eclipse — in the darkness as well as the light; and then, thirdly, we shall notice that as all things that God has created, whether they be light or whether they be dark, have a sermon for us…~ Spurgeon, The Solar Eclipse sermon (link found at above link in this comment)


  2. Thank you Sherry for another great message!
    Jesus brought the true light that enlightens every human being (John 1:9 RSV) to remove the divided darkness and light in us (our house divided from within) from eating of satan’s tree, the fruit of lies. In Christ we eat the Word and drink his Holy Spirit and we are reformed in his image and likeness, “all light with no darkness at all Christ of God” (1 John 1:5 RSV)! O, how I love Jesus!!!!!!!

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