Poor and Yet Very Dear to Your Father

…but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light. -Zecharih 14:7

No child of God can be very long without trouble of some kind or other, for sure it is that the road to heaven will always be rough…There is a pilgrimage, and a weary pilgrimage too, which must be taken before you can obtain entrance into those gates. Still, in all their trials, God’s people always find it true that at evening time it shall be light. Are you suffering from temporal troubles. You cannot expect to be without these. They are hard to bear. This, however, should cheer you, that God is as much engaged to succour and support you in your temporal, as He is in your spiritual, interests. Beloved, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Not a sparrow falls on the ground without your Father knowing it. Well, now, taking quite a material view of the question, you are of more value than many sparrows. You may be very poor, yet be very, very dear to your Father in heaven. Your poverty may reduce you to the utmost pinch, but that will be the time of your sweetest relief.

You may, my dear hearer, be so tried that you think nobody ever had such a trial. Well, then, your faith may look out for such a deliverance as nobody else ever experienced. If you have an excess of grief, you shall have the more abundant relief. If you have been alone in sorrow, you shall, by-and-bye, have a joy unspeakable, with which no stranger can intermeddle…Do cast your burden on God. Let me beseech those of you who love Him, not to be shy of Him. ~ C.H. Spurgeon



6 thoughts on “Poor and Yet Very Dear to Your Father

  1. Hi Sherry.

    It is words like these, and balanced theology to go with them, that make Mr. Spurgeon my favorite preacher in history with one exception, That exceptional (not a high enough word) man (God) has many more titles than C.H.S. by far.

    Some called Mr. Spurgeon “the prince of preachers.” I wonder if he ever heard the term (I’ve heard not)? I don’t think he would have liked it if he had heard it as he knew who the real Prince was.

    You have a very instructive blog here.


    • Oh, I’m sure he would reject that compliment vehemently! He was once confronted by someone referring to his followers as Spurgeonites and he was not pleased!

      Have a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord, Chris, amen!~

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      • With all of the God given talent C.H.S. had, he certainly wasn’t a man looking for fame.

        Thank you for sharing this story with me and thank you for your kind words.

        God’s blessings…

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