“I know that He is God”

Then Manasseh knew that the LORD He was God. -2 Chronicles 33:13

Have you ever felt pardoning blood applied? You will never doubt God, I know, if you have. Why, dear friends, if the poorest old woman in the world should be brought before an infidel of the wisest order, having a mind of the greatest caliber, and he should endeavor to pervert her, I think I see her smile at him, and say, “My good man, it is of no use at all, for the Lord has appeared unto me of old, saying, ‘Yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love,’ and so you may tell me what you please: I have had a sense of blood-bought pardon shed abroad in my heart, and I know that He is God, and you can never beat it out of me.” As good Watts says, when we have once such an assurance as that,

“Should all the forms that men devise
Assault my faith with treacherous art,
I’d call them vanity and lies,
And bind the gospel to my heart.”

O! if you have a sense that sin is forgiven, you can never doubt the existence of a God; for it will be said of you, “Then he knew that the Lord He was God.”…The only question is, Did He die for you? He most certainly did if you are a sinner; for it is written, “It is a faithful saying, that Christ Jesus came to save sinners.” Poor sinner, believe!..O! lay hold on Him, lest death and destruction should overtake thee; fly to this mountain, lest thou be consumed, and remember, once in Christ, thou art safe beyond hazard.

“Once in Christ in Christ for ever,
Nothing from His love can sever.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon



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