The Measure of Our Gratitude

Him God has exalted to His right hand to be Prince and Savior, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins. -Acts 5:31

Whoever hath loathed himself at all sees how Jesus Christ has been a great Saviour, and he admires and adores Him. You know you measure the height of the Saviour’s love by the depth of your own fall. If you don’t know anything about your ruin, you won’t be likely to prize much the remedy. A man that has got a desperate disease, and is dealt with by the physician, if he does not know what the disease is, is not able to feel the measure of gratitude, even if he is healed, that another man would, who knew how fatal the disease was in itself…No! a sense of need helps us to glorify God. Amongst the saints, and when on earth, the sweetest voices are those that have been made sweet by repentance. Amongst those that sing in heaven, and sing with the most sweet and lofty praise to God, are those who bless the grace that lifted them up from the horrible pit and out of the miry clay, and set their feet on a rock and established their goings…Before the sin was perpetrated, Christ carried it into the sepulchre where He was buried; He cast it there; it cannot be laid against us to condemn us, yet do we hate it, and yet do we loathe ourselves to think we have fallen into it. But would not this also be an admirable opportunity to show how we hate sin by seeking to bring others to Christ? Do watch for other souls. As you prize your own, seek the conversion of others, and God grant that you may bring many to Jesus.~ C.H. Spurgeon


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