Flee from the Wrath to Come!

Who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us. -Hebrews 6:18

Sinner, you cannot endure the wrath of God. If your ribs were made of granite, and your nerves were made of brass, you could not endure the wrath of the Almighty; no, not even for a moment. If a man had a toothache, how dreadful it would seem to him to have to bear that pain for twelve months, even if he knew that there would be an end to it then; but what must the anger of God be like when He comes to deal with our entire life of sin, and to punish our sin for ever and ever? We cannot bear it; we must flee from it. What does this mean? How do we flee from the coming wrath?

A man who flees for his life does not want any indirect, roundabout roads, he takes short cuts, he jumps over hedges and ditches that he may get where he wants to be in the shortest possible time. So going straight to Jesus is the only direction for you…Some people will recommend that you read books, which I am certain you cannot understand, for no living soul can; or perhaps you should meet with persons who want to explain to you some wondrous mystery. Listen to them, if you like, after the great business of your salvation is over; but right now you do not have any time for mysteries, you have no time for puzzles, you have no time to be confused and perplexed; the one thing you have to do right now is to run straight to Jesus, straight to Jesus. You are a sinner, and He is the only Savior for sinners; so, trust Him- God help you to trust Him- and thus to find immediate salvation! You have a severe sin problem, thus you must flee straight to Christ. The plan of salvation is not a thing that is hard to understand. “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; and they will never be condemned; for they have passed from death to life.”

You have no time for anything else, and you have no need of anything else; so flee, “flee from the coming wrath.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon



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