A Willing People and an Immutable Leader

You who are King of kings and Lord of lords, we worship You. Before Jehovah’s awful throne we bow with sacred joy. 


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9 thoughts on “A Willing People and an Immutable Leader

    • I was a bit amused when Spurgeon talked about the Mohammedans of his day-that they were a waning religion. Made me wish I had lived in his day with all of the heartbreaking atrocities going on in the name of the no-god, Allah, today.

      From the sermon text:
      “Usually, when a religion starts it is very rampant, but it afterwards decays. Look at the religion of Mahommed. For one hundred years or more it threatened to subvert kingdoms, and overturn the whole world, but where are the blades that flashed then? Where are now the willing hands that smote down the foes of Mahommed? Why, his religion has become an old worn-out thing; no one cares about it; and the Turk, sitting on his divan, with his legs crossed, smoking his pipe, is the best image of the Mahommedan religion-old, infirm, effete.”

      God bless you, Slim Jim, amen~

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  1. Just a quick FYI sherry. The words of this song are great. I just thought you should know, if you already don’t that:

    “Elevation Worship is the worship team of Elevation Church, based out of Charlotte, NC. Led by Pastor Steven Furtick, the church was formed in 2006 with a vision to see people far from God raised to life in Christ.”


    I must admit to you that Mr. Furtick is one man that I am unable to listen to. There have been so many solid Bible teachers that have the same reaction that I do. A blogging friend of mine posted this:


    There are hundreds of articles like this on the internet.

    I am not trying to get you to take the song down. I just wanted you to know that when I saw the word “elevation,” I knew I had read about the group before. Mr. Spurgeon would probably like the words to the song, but he would have thrown Mr. Furtick out of his church if he caught him teaching the false doctrines that he spouts.

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    • Thanks for the heads up, Chris! I had not heard of Elevation but have heard of Steven Furtick. The hardest part of discerning for me is in finding the “right” music (I have a list of Christian groups to be careful of and Elevation wasn’t listed, so…). I tend to be more concerned with the words-that they are scriptural but that has led me to playing Hillsong until I found out about them. I surely do not want to promote Elevation any further for fear it may lead people to Furtick. I will leave the video up because your comment is an edifying exhortation for all of us.

      God bless you, Chris! \o/

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      • Thank you for your kind words, Sherry, and you are welcome. I am blessed to have blogging friends who let me know if I put anything on my blog that seems that I am unaware of something strange. Please alert me if you see anything that you think has gotten by my “filter.”
        Once, I put up a post about a Chinese pastor who was a crook and I didn’t know it. Two of my Christian blogging friends contacted me almost immediately. I appreciated it and used it as an example of how a “good sermon” could be given by a someone who was a thief and I had no idea. So many are twisting God’s Word in our day.
        I wonder what Spurgeon would call today’s version of the 1887 “The Down Grade” i

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      • Chris, I believe, if we love the brethren, we will speak up when it is a matter of a false teaching. We are to be stewards of God’s truth and that requires exercising discernment, something that we will have to do always with the Holy Spirit’s help. I have learned in recent years not to argue with anyone since it is the Lord who will lead His children on the right path. We speak up, as you know, so we will have clean hands before the Lord in the matter because He will have us give account if we keep silent.

        Spurgeon would say, “I warned the church that it would come to this! Alas, alas! It is far worse than I had even feared!”


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