God’s Activity

Am I a God at hand, says the LORD, and not a God afar off? -Jeremiah 23:23

(L)est any should suppose that God may be in a place, and yet slumbering, let me remind him that in every spot to which he can travel, there is, not simply God, but also God’s activity. Wherever I go I shall find, not a slumbering God, but a God busy about the affairs of this world. Take me to the green sward, and pleasant pasture-why, every little blade of grass there has God’s hand in it, making it grow; and every tiny daisy, which a child likes to pluck, looks up with its little eye, and says, “God is in me, circulating my sap, and opening my little flower.” Go where you will through this London, where vegetation is scarcely to be found, look up yonder and see those rolling stars; God is active there: it is His hand that wheels along the stars and moves the moon in her nightly course…God is everywhere, not as a slumbering God, but as an active God. I am upon the sea; and there I see God making the everlasting pulse of nature beat in constant ebbs and flows. I am in the pathless desert, but above me screams the vulture, and I see God winging the wild bird’s flight. I am shut up in a hermitage; but an insect drops from its leaf, and I see in that insect, life which God preserves and sustains; yea, shut me out from the animate creation, and put me on the barren rock, where moss itself cannot find a footing; and I shall there discern my God bearing up the pillars of the universe, and sustaining that bare rock as a part of the colossal foundation whereon He hath built the world.

Oh! does not the conviction flash upon your mind with a brightness, against which you cannot shut your eyes, that since God is everywhere, and everywhere active, it follows, as a necessary and unavoidable consequence, that He must see us, and know all our actions and our deeds?~ C.H. Spurgeon


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