God’s Loving Care for You

Cast your burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain you: He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. -Psalm 55:22

(N)ow a word for the careful: Some here are very full of care, and doubts, and anxieties, and fears. “Oh! sir,” you say, “if you could come to my poor house, you would not wonder that I should feel anxious. I have had to part with much of my little furniture to provide myself with living; I am brought very low; I have not a friend in London; I am alone, alone in the wide world.” Stop, stop, sir! you are not alone in the world; there is at least one eye regarding you; there is one hand that is ready to relieve you. Don’t give up in despair. If your case be ever so bad, God can see your care, your troubles, and your anxieties. To a good man it is enough to see destitution to relieve it; and for God it is enough to see the distresses of His family at once to supply their wants. If you were lying wounded on the battle-field, if you could not speak, you know right well your comrades who are coming by with an ambulance will pick you up, if they do but see you; and that is enough for you. So if you are lying on the battle-field of life, God sees you; let that cheer you: He will relieve you; for He only needs to look at the woes of His children at once to relieve them. Go on then, hope yet, in night’s darkest hour, hope for a brighter morrow. God sees thee, whatever thou art doing;

“He knows thy cares, thy tears, thy sighs;
He shall lift up thy head.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon


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