Thou Art a True God

That by two immutable things, in that it was impossible for God to lie, we might have strong encouragement, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: -Hebrews 6:18

If you should say to faith, “Faith, why do you expect God to do as He has said it, why do you expect it?” Faith would answer, “I have a whole bundle of reasons that justify the act. And in the first place, I have a right to expect Him to do as He has said, because He is a true God; I know He cannot lie. He has said He will give me such-and-such a thing; if He was not a truthful God, I would not say, ‘do as Thou hast said!’ but since He is a true God, and never was known to break His promise, and since, moreover, by two immutable things, wherein it is impossible for God to lie-His oath and His promise-He has made the thing secure; and since I know that in Christ all the promises are yea and amen, I think I have good reason enough for going to Him and saying, ‘do as Thou hast said.’ If He were some fallible being who promised and would not perform, I might hesitate somewhat; but since He is always true and constantly precious, I will go and say to Him, ‘Lord, do as Thou hast said.'” Poor sinner! God has said, “He that confesseth his sin shall find mercy.” Now, if you go to God, you want no other plea than this,-“Lord, do as Thou hast said;’ ‘I have confessed my sins;’ ‘do as Thou hast said.'” “But, sinner, why should I do as I have said? you do not deserve it.” “Lord, Thou art a true God.”

“Thou hast promised to forgive,
All who on Thy Son believe;
Lord I know Thou canst not lie,
Give me Christ or else I die.”

Go, poor sinner, tell the Lord that, and as truly as He is God, He will never send you empty away. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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