Faith’s Plea: Do As Thou Hast Said

Confirm to Your servant Your promise, that You may be feared. -Psalm 119:38

(M)y dear friends…there is always some special promise to you; and you have only to turn your Bible over and find it out, and then go to God with “Do as Thou hast said.” Let me just select a few characters. There is one here, exceeding faint in the ways of the Lord. “Oh!” he says, “I am faint, though I hope I am pursuing.” Now, here is the promise,-“He giveth power unto the faint;” When you get such a promise, stick hard and fast to it; do not let the devil cheat you out of it, but keep on saying, “Lord, Thou hast said, He giveth power unto the faint.” “Do as Thou hast said.”…Are you covered all over with sin, and under a deep sense of your iniquities? Go and tell Him this: “Thou hast said, ‘I will cast their iniquities into the depths of the sea.’ Lord, I know I have these sins; I do not deny it; but Thou hast said, ‘I will pardon them.’ I have no reason why Thou shouldst pardon them; I cannot promise that I shall be better; but, Lord, Thou hast said it, and that is enough; ‘Do as Thou hast said.'” Another one here is afraid lest he should not be able to hold on to the end, and lest after having been a child of God he should be a cast-away. Then, if that be thy state, go and take this to God: “The mountains may depart, and the hills may be removed, but the covenant of My love shall not depart from you;” and when you are thinking that your Saviour is going away, catch hold of His skirts, and say, “Jesus, do as Thou hast said. Thou hast said, ‘I will never leave thee;’ ‘do as Thou hast said.'”…And if Satan says, “He is gone away, and will never come back again,” tell Satan he has nothing to do with it; God has said it, and keep to this, “Do as Thou hast said.” If you do that, you will want no other argument and no other reason.~ C.H. Spurgeon


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