The Royal Bath of Mercy

Salvation is of the LORD. -Jonah 2:9

No one has helped to provide salvation; God has done it all Himself. The banquet of mercy is served up by one Host; that Host is He to whom the cattle on a thousand hills belong. But none have contributed any dainties to that royal banquet; He hath done it all Himself… The royal bath of mercy, wherein black souls are washed, was filled from the veins of Jesus; not a drop was contributed by any other being. He died upon the cross, and as an expiator He died alone. No blood of martyrs mingled with that stream; no blood of noble confessors and of heroes of the cross entered into the river of atonement; that is filled from the veins of Christ, and from nowhere else beside. He hath done it wholly. Atonement is the unaided work of Jesus. On yonder cross I see the Man who “trod the winepress alone;” in yonder garden I see the solitary conqueror, who came to the fight single-handed, whose own arm brought salvation, and whose omnipotence sustained Him. “Salvation is of the Lord,” as to its provisions; Jehovah-Father, Son, and Spirit-hath provided everything.

“Salvation of the Lord alone;
Grace is a shoreless sea.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon


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