It Was Love Amazing

For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. – Romans 5:6

It was much love when Christ became man for us, when He stripped Himself of the glories of His Godhead for awhile, to become an infant of a span long, slumbering in the manger of Bethlehem. It was no little condescension when He divested Himself of all His glories, hung His mantle on the sky, gave up His diadem and the pleasures of His throne, and stooped to become flesh. It was moreover, no small love when He lived a holy and a suffering life for us; it was love amazing, when God with feet of flesh did tread the earth, and teach His own creatures how to live, all the while bearing their scoffs and jests with cool unangered endurance. It was no little favour of Him that He should condescend to give us a perfect example by His spotless life; but the commendation of love lieth here-not that Christ lived for us, but that Christ died for us.

Do any of us know what is contained in that great word “die?” Can we measure it? Can we tell its depths of suffering or its heights of agony? “Died for us!”…All that death could mean Christ endured; He yielded up the ghost, He resigned His breath; He became a lifeless corpse, and His body was interred, even like the bodies of the rest that died… “Ah! it is a solemn and an awful thing to die.” But, my hearers, “Christ died for us.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon




6 thoughts on “It Was Love Amazing

  1. Died for us! And resurrected for us! And ascended to the Father for us! And put his blood on the mercy seat for us! And sent his Holy Spirit to be with and in us forever and ever and ever! Oh, the free gift of God is too amazing for words!

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