Man Naturally Hates Goodness

If I had not done among them the works which no one else did, they would have no sin; but now they have seen and also hated both Me and My Father. -John 15:24

Ah! beloved, I will not tell you of man’s adulteries, and fornications, and murders, and poisonings, and sodomies. I will not tell you of man’s wars, and bloodsheds, and cruelties, and rebellions…that he put to death his God, and slew his Saviour; and when I have told you that, I have given you the essence of all sin, the master-piece of crime, the very pinnacle and climax of the terrific pyramid of mortal guilt. Man outdid himself when he put his Saviour to death, and sin did out-Herod Herod when it slew the Lord of the universe, the lover of the race of man, who came on earth to die. Never does sin appear so exceedingly sinful as when we see it pointed at the person of Christ, whom it hated without a cause. In every other case, when man has hated goodness, there have always been some extenuating circumstances. We never do see goodness in this world without alloy; however great may be any man’s goodness, there is always some peg whereon we may hang a censure; however excellent a man may be, there is always some fault which may diminish our admiration of our love. But in the Saviour there was nothing of this. There was nothing that could blot the picture; holiness stood out to the very life; there was holiness-only holiness…There was nothing in Him but holiness: and any person with half an eye can see, that the thing men hated was simply that Christ was perfect; they could not have hated Him for anything else. And thus you see the abominable, detestable evil of the human heart-that man hates goodness simply because it is such. It is not true that we Christian people are hated because of our infirmities; men make our infirmities a nail whereon to hang their laughter; but if we were not Christians they would not hate our infirmities. They hold our inconsistencies up to ridicule; but I do not believe our inconsistencies are what they care about; we might be as inconsistent as all the rest of the world if we did not profess religion, or if they did not think we had any. But because the Saviour had no inconsistencies or infirmities, men were stripped of all their excuses for hating Him, and it came out that man naturally hates goodness, because he is so evil that he cannot but detest it. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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