Do You Hate Christ?

He who hates Me hates My Father also. -John 15:23

You are indifferent to Christ? Then you hate Him. And why is it that you hate Him? Many a time you have been wooed by the gospel; you have resisted appeals, many of them; come, now, for which of Christ’s works do you hate Him? Have I a persecutor here? Sinner! for what dost thou hate Christ? Dost thou curse Him? Tell me what He has done, that thou shouldst be angry with Him. Point to a single fault of His in His carriage towards thee. Has Christ ever hurt thee?

I tell thee, if thou hatest Christ, thou not only hatest Him without a cause, but thou hatest Him when thou hast simple cause to love Him. Come, poor sinner, what hast thou got by hating Christ? Thou hast stings of conscience. Many a sinner, by hating Christ, has been locked up in jail, has a ragged coat, a diseased body, a nasty filthy house, with broken windows, a poor wife, nearly beaten to death, and children that scamper out of the way as soon as father comes home. What hast thou got by hating Christ? Oh! if thou wert to estimate thy gains, thou wouldst find that getting Christ would be a gain, but that hating Him is a dead loss to thee. Now, if you hate Christ and Christ’s religion, I tell you that you hate Christ without a cause; and let me give you one solemn warning, which is this, that if you keep on hating Christ till you die, you will not hurt Christ by it, but you will hurt yourself most awfully. Oh! may God deliver you from being haters of Christ! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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