Make Light of God, Sinner?

And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come. – Matthew 22:3

There is no such thing as true natural religion apart from Christ; it is a lie and a falsehood, it is the refuge of a man who is not brave enough to say he hates God, but it is only a refuge of lies; for he who denieth Christ in that act offendeth God, and shutteth up heaven’s gates against himself. There is no loving the Father except through the Son; and there is no acceptable worship of the Father, except through the Great High Priest the Mediator, Jesus Christ. Oh! my friend, remember thou hast not merely despised the gospel, but thou hast despised the gospel’s God. In laughing at the doctrines of revelation, thou hast laughed at God; in reviling the truth of the gospel, thou hast reviled God Himself, thou hast bent thy fist in the face of the Eternal; thine oaths have not fallen upon the church, they have fallen upon God Himself. Oh! remember, ye that mock at the message of Christ! Oh! remember, ye that turn away from the ministry of truth! God is a mighty one; how severely can He punish! God is a jealous God; oh! how severely will He punish! Make light of God, sinner? Why, this above all things is a damning sin, and in committing it, it may be thou wilt one day sign thine own death-warrant; for making light of God, of Christ, and of His holy gospel, is destroying one’s own soul, and rushing headlong to perdition. Ah! unhappy souls, most unhappy must ye be, if ye live and die making light of Christ, and preferring your farms and your merchandise to the treasures of the gospel.

(The man who lightly esteems the gospel makes light of hell; he thinks its fires are not hot, and its flames not such as Christ has described them; he makes light of the burning tears that scald despairing cheeks for ever; he makes light of the yells and shrieks that must be the doleful songs and terrible music of perishing souls. Ah! it is no wise thing to make light of hell.) ~ C.H. Spurgeon


3 thoughts on “Make Light of God, Sinner?

  1. It is very bothersome when people say, “Oh well…I guess I am going to hell.”
    Hollywood and so many false religions have made it so it SEEMS as though hell does not exist and/or that hell is all fun and games! Years ago there was a movie with Adam Sandler and he was satan’s “nice son”. At the end the movie depicted hell as a place of fun partying 😦

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    • How many have said to us that they want to go to hell for it will be a place of partying (hedonism)? One time, as a young Christian, I told a person that he wouldn’t be partying but rather he would be the entertainment of the demons tormenting him and laughing at him for his screams of pain and fear. Its even worse than that for no man has come close to describing the horror of that Bottomless Pit.

      Have a blessed day, Elizabeth, amen!~

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