The Impartial Sentence

Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Mark 8:37

What shall it profit a man, if he lose this present world, and the next too? What shall it profit a man, if he gain but a small portion of this world-and this is the most that we may expect-and yet loses his soul? I have sometimes thought, with regard to the rich man, “Well, such a man has a portion in this life; but with regard to the poor man, I cannot see what there is to make him happy if he has not something better to look to when he dies.” I have seen the weary horny-handed sons of toil, often oppressed and down trodden as they are by their masters, and I have thought, “Oh! poor souls, if you cannot look to another world, you are of all men most miserable; for you do not get either world; you go fagging along, just like a pack-horse, without the hope of a secure place in which you may rest at last.” The rich man, at least, makes as much as can be made of this world, little as that is, apart from grace; but the poor man makes the least of this world, and then he goes from poverty to damnation, from his squalor to perdition, and from his poorhouse and his rags to the flames of hell. What a horrid state to have such an existence; to live in this world a life of misery, and to find a starving existence to be only the preface and the prelude of a more doleful and fearful life hereafter. Oh, what shall it profit you, if you gain a little of this world, and lose your own soul?

If Christ hath saved us, we shall be saved; but if we are out of Christ, great and mighty may we be, but the sentence shall be as impartial to the rich as to the poor.~ C.H. Spurgeon


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