If Justice Should Accuse You

“It is finished!” – John 19:30

If you will please for a moment to consider how terrible were the agonies of Christ, which, mark you, He endured in the room, the place, the stead of all poor penitent sinners, of all those who confess their sins and believe in Him;…Doth Justice come to thee this morning, and say, “Sinner, thou hast sinned, I will punish thee?” Answer thus-“Justice, thou hast punished all my sins. All I ought to have suffered has been suffered by my substitute, Jesus….” But if Justice still accuse, and conscience clamour, go thou and take Justice with thee to Gethsemane, and stand there with it: see that Man so oppressed with grief, that all His head, His hair, His garments bloody be…Dost thou see that Man there!…In a whole hell there is not so much dignity of vengeance as there is in the garden of Gethsemane…Come, Justice, to the hall of Pilate. Seest thou that Man arraigned, accused, charged with sedition and with blasphemy! See Him taken to the guard-room, spat upon, buffetted with hands, crowned with thorns, robed in mockery, and insulted with a reed for a sceptre…Let me show thee this Man on the pavement…Stand, Justice, and listen to those stripes, those bloody scourges, and as they fall upon His devoted back and plough deep furrows there, dost thou see thong-full after thong-full of His quivering flesh torn from His poor bare back! Art not content yet, Justice? Then what will satisfy thee? “Nothing,” says Justice, “but His death.” Come thou with me, then thou canst see that feeble Man hurried through the streets! Seest thou Him driven to the top of Calvary, hurled on His back, nailed to the transverse wood? Oh, Justice, canst thou see His dislocated bones, now that His cross is lifted up?..And lastly, O Justice, dost thou see Him bow His head, and die? “Yes,” saith Justice, “and I am satisfied; I have nothing that I can ask more; I am fully content; my uttermost demands are more than satisfied.”

Guilty though I am and vile, can I not plead that this bloody sacrifice is enough to satisfy God’s demands against me? Oh, yes, I trust I can. ~ C.H. Spurgeon



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