Our Littles and Our Greats

Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

unto God that performeth all things for me. – Psalm 57:2

Peradventure at this hour you are troubled about some petty little thing, or you have been through the day exercised about some trivial matter. Do you not think we often suffer more from our little troubles than from our great ones? A thorn in the foot will irritate our temper, while the dislocation of a joint would reveal our fortitude. Often the man who would bear the loss of a fortune with the equanimity of Job will wince and fume under a paltry annoyance that might rather excite a smile than a groan. We are apt to be disquieted in vain. Does not this very much arise from our forgetting that God performeth all things for us? Do we not ignore the fact that our success in little things, our rightness in the minutiae of life, our comfort in these inconsiderable trifles depends upon His blessing? Know ye not that God can make the gnat and the fly to be a greater trouble to Egypt than the murrain, the thunder, or the storm? Little trials, if unblessed-if unattended with the divine favour, may scourge you fearfully and betray you into much sin. Commend them to God then. And little blessings as you think them, if taken away from you, would soon involve very serious consequences. Thank God then for the little. Put the little into His hand; it is nothing to Jehovah to work in the little, for the great is little to Him. There is not much difference, after all, in our littles and our greats to the infinite mind of our glorious God. Cast all on Him who numbers the hairs of your head, and suffers not a sparrow to fall to the ground without His decree. Unto God cry about the little things, for He performeth all things for us. Do I speak to some who are contemplating a great change in life? Take not that step, my brother, without much careful waiting upon God; but if thou be persuaded that the change is one that hath the Master’s approbation, fear not, for He performeth all things for thee. ~ C.H. Spurgeon



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