Christ is the Saviour

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. – Hebrews 13:8

What a consolation it is that our God never changes! What He was yesterday He is today. What we find in Him today we shall find in Him for ever. Are you struggling against sin? Don’t struggle in your own strength: it is God who performeth all things for you. Victories over sin are only sham victories unless we overcome through the blood of the Lamb, and through the power of divine grace. I am afraid of backsliding, but I think I am more afraid still of growing in sanctification apparently in my own strength. It is a dreadful thing for the grey hairs to appear here and there; but it is worse still for the hair to appear to be of raven hue when the man is weak. Only the indication is changed, but not the state itself. May we have really what we think we have-no surface work, but deep, inner, spiritual life, wrought in us from God-yea, every good spiritual thing from Him, who performeth all things for us; and, I say, whatever struggles may come, whatever vehement temptations assail, or whatever thunder-clouds may burst over your heads, you shall not be deserted, much less destroyed. In spiritual things it is God who performeth all things for you. Rest in Him then. It is no work of yours to save your own soul; Christ is the Saviour. If He cannot save you, you certainly cannot save yourself. Why rest you your hopes where hopes never ought to be rested? Or let me change the question. Why do you fear where you never ought to have hoped? Instead of fearing that you cannot hold on, despair of holding on by yourself, and never look in that direction again. But if the preservation be of God, where is the cause for perturbation with you? In Him let your entire reliance be fixed. Cast the burden of your care on Him who performeth all things for you.~ C.H. Spurgeon



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