In the Hand of Jesus All His People Are

My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. – John 10:29

Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am… – John 17:24

Now, can I believe that He who promises that I shall be with Him where He is, that I may behold His glory – He who gives the certainty to every believer that He shall enter into everlasting happiness – can I believe that He is perfecting that for me-that the way by which He is taking me, so dark, so gloomy, so full of dangers, is, nevertheless, the shortest way to heaven? that He is using the quickest method to perfect that which concerns my soul? O faith! here is something for thee to do; and if thou canst perform it, thou shalt bring glory to God. The pith of it is this: that if God hath the keeping of us, He will perfect the keeping in the day of Christ. In the hand of Jesus all His people are, and in that hand they shall be for ever and ever…Every child of God is set apart by Christ, and in Christ, and the work of the Spirit has commenced which shall subdue sin, and extirpate the very roots of corruption; and this work shall be perfected; nay, is being perfected at this very moment. The dragon is being trodden down under foot. The Seed of the woman within us is beginning to bruise the serpent’s head, and shall clearly bruise it and crush it, even to the death within our soul. He is perfecting us in all things for Himself. He has promised to bring us to glory. We have the earnest of that great glory in us now. The new life is there; all the elements of heaven are within us. Now He will perfect all these. He will not suffer one good thing that He has planted within us to die. He is a living and incorruptible Seed, which liveth and abideth for ever…What a marvellous thing is a Christian! How mean; how noble! How abject; how august! How near to hell; how close to heaven! How fallen, yet lifted up! Able to do nothing; yet doing all things! Doing nothing; yet accomplishing all things; because herein it is that, in the man, and with the man, there is God, and He performeth all things for us. God, give us grace to look away entirely, evermore, from ourselves, and to depend entirely upon Him.~ C.H. Spurgeon


9 thoughts on “In the Hand of Jesus All His People Are

    • I like his writings. I’m not as well acquainted with him as maybe I should be having a blog that is made up of his devotionals and sermons. His Morning and Evening devotions and his Faith’s Checkbook helped me in a dark time of my spiritual life after a church split and having to leave another church because they were lying about their numbers (long story there). I was afraid that my love for the Lord was growing cold and my prayer life was suffering, too, when God led me to Spurgeon. At the same time I was learning about all of the lies I was believing as truth from my Pentacostal beliefs, such as speaking in tongues, being slain in the “Spirit,” Word of Faith, and all of the christo-pagan, traditions of men, popish “holy” days which grieves God rather than honors Him. I am now a non-denominational reformed Calvinist (though I have a bit of hard time with all of TULIP…). Spurgeon just kept lining up with what the scriptures said. He seemed to know the Lord’s true character. I wanted others to be encouraged by him as I was, though I started this blog for my own devotional purpose and let our Beloved do as He pleased in bringing followers. This blog is His for as long as He blesses me with its stewardship.

      Other than that, I am an historicist and a futurist where it lines up with scriptures literally (that’s not literalistically). I believe the popes have been the antichrists and one of them, in God’s perfect timing, will be empowered by Satan to be the Antichrist to come. The Great Tribulation will last 3 1/2 years and the 7 year covenant could be the peace covenant that is already in place waiting to be enforced by the AC. The false prophet will be a political leader. Most believe the Antichrist will be the political leader and the false prophet will be the religious leader. Historically, the popes have lined up with the scriptures about the AC. Since we, as believers, have seen who the AC will be ( the last pope) we will be raptured before the Great Tribulation begins and there are no signs to watch for. We could be raptured today and yet the GT may be years after. These beliefs of mine are not the same as Spurgeon’s. In the page, C.H.S. Library, there is a link to his eschatology.

      I am currently looking for a non-denominational, reformed church that does not celebrate the Christ Mass or Easter or Lent, etc. If scriptures can be twisted to give Christian liberty to celebrating these christo-pagan days and traditions of men in disobedience to God’s Word then what other scriptures can be twisted? In the meantime, Spurgeon is part of keeping my mind focused on Christ Jesus. Also, I’m not a cessationist but I do believe that these signs and wonders are for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory alone according to His good pleasure. And there must be discernment of them since antichrists can do them, too..

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      • Thank you for the kindness that you had in your response. 😃
        I used to be charismatic back in the 80s, and I was Calvinistic later in life.

        I have a little different take on eschatology, but that’s okay.

        I’m just happy that you have found encouragement in the Lord. And if God has used Spurgeon to help you, then I’m thankful for that.
        I was once a Spurgeon fan too, so I understand the appeal.

        I also don’t have a church, but it’s for a little different reason. I am looking for one that really celebrates resting in the finished work of Christ.

        God bless you sister.

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      • Good mornin. 😃
        I re read your comment about Spurgeon, and your doctrinal beliefs.
        May I give you some thoughts please? You can take em or leave em. But my intention is to be helpful and kind.
        You were former Pentecostal. I was legalistic charismatic back in the 80s, which was virtually Pentecostal, but without the strict dress code.
        What am I getting at? I faked having tongues. And I was later enraged at a system where I felt like a second class Christian because of the showy supernatural being a sign of greater spirituality.

        So decades later, when I heard McArthur rail against charismaticism, I was hooked. I had to have more! … And this led me to be a McArthurite, and later a Calvinist. (Which was when I dug Spurgeon).

        I know that I’m probably not going to convince you that Calvinism isn’t good. But I hate to see someone go down a path that I was on that isn’t good, and I feel compelled to at least try to warn them.
        If Spurgeon has helped some, fantastic. But a site that primarily promotes some man?
        Honestly, I’d rather hear what you have to say.
        What God is doing in your life.
        You are the one with us here and now, not Spurgeon.

        Honestly, my intention is kindness to you.

        God bless you my friend.

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      • I understand your intention, brother! No, I was hoping to convey that I am not a Spurgeonite. I don’t “follow” him. I find him biblical in his devotionals and teachings. To me, its like following Paul’s teachings. But who do I imitate? Paul? Spurgeon? Or the Lord Jesus Christ? Calvin’s teachings are biblical. Its a shame they must be given his name when these teachings were always in the scriptures. I once was an Arminian. That made God a debtor to me. But when finding out I was elected…that humbled me knowing I did not deserve it! To call it by Calvinism is no different than calling free will by the name Arminianism. Its just a denotation. I haven’t studied all of Calvin’s teachings out but there is nothing wrong with doing so with appreciation and reference to his name. Did you not make reference to MacArthur? God gifts us with teachers but we are still to exercise discernment and have our dependence on the Holy Spirit to check us for errors and to edify us.

        Now, I must warn you concerning MacArthur! There is a video of him telling a young audience that they may take the mark of the Beast! He has a few false teachings to be wary of. This is why, no matter who is teaching, including Spurgeon and Calvin, that it must line up with scriptures! Many berate religion. Yet the scriptures do not do so. A pure and undefiled religion is not evil. A hypocritical show of religiocity is. To me, its like saying church is no good because of churchianity. Only in the last 60 years has religion been made to be an evil. it makes authors on the Christian religion look like stuffed shirts for even mentioning “religion.”

        As far as once being Pentacostal, no, I was not subject to having to wear a certain dress. The Pentacostal church I went to was like Jimmy Swaggert’s church, Family Worship Center (one of those was even called by that name, too!).

        On a last note, I very much appreciate your care and concern and boldness to let me know where I am in error! May the Lord Jesus Christ lead me on His path of righteousness! I lived in error for 10 years. But you can read that I was shown many lies that I was believing as truth in the comment above. I have a blog, The X Mass H8rs Blog, where I reveal the lies that Christians are believing as truth and God honoring which are not. Being a woman who ought not teach a man it is mostly a reference blog to articles, sermons and videos showing that God hates X Mass, Easter, Lent and other religious paganism (witchcraft) that has been intermixed with the true worship of God since the Roman Catholic Church began. It is as serious a matter with us today as it was with the Israelites when they worshipped God through idolatrous means.

        Thank you, again, for your brotherly love, Lee, and your concern for your sister. You are a blessing to me and I know you won’t hold back from snatching me out of error. Praises be to our Lord for His deliverance out of the false religious systems! Have a most blessed Lord’s Day!
        Amen! \o/

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  1. Hey, I wasn’t notified of your response by WordPress. I just stumbled on it from re reading my comment to see if my wording was okay. Ha ha.

    McArthur? No ma’am, I don’t follow McArthur. (I did) follow him previously, but no more. You’re right, he has some bad doctrine.
    I wrote an article “I was once a self righteous religious hypocrite.” And I specifically mentioned McArthur as being a detrimental influence in my life.
    So no worries, I no longer follow McArthur.

    I don’t believe in any systematic theologies any more. Calvinism, dispensationalism, preterism, Arminianism…none of them. The only church fathers I recognize is the ones God used to write scripture.

    And I appreciate your kindness.

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