There is Hope for You, Afflicted Soul

… we shall live in His sight. – Hosea 6:2

I cannot tell what is the precise temptation that Satan has been using with you, but I think it is very likely to be one of (these):

The first one has been this-“Oh,” saith he, “see how troubled you are, nothing prospers with you; what pains of body you suffer, and how depressed you are in spirit. God is a tyrant to you, He treats you cruelly; hate Him, set your teeth together and curse Him….” Oh! do not hate Him. He does not hate you; He is not coaling with you in wrath, but in mercy. There is still behind the black cloud the sun of His mercy shining.

Perhaps, the temptations of Satan have taken another shape, not so much hatred as sullenness. You have lost all you care for now, and you would as soon die as live, and as for your soul, you think you cannot be more wretched in hell itself, and you say, “So let it be; it is so bad that it cannot be mended.”…Wake, I pray thee, wake!…Oh! man, the pains thou hast had as yet are but as the finger-ache, they are but mere trifles compared with the miseries of eternity.

Possibly, however, the temptation of Satan has taken the form of despair. “Oh,” saith he, “there is no hope for you; you can clearly perceive that you are the subject of divine hatred…these trials are but the first drops of the long shower of His eternal wrath…your sins are too many and too great…you are beyond the lines of mercy; the arm of grace is not long enough or strong enough to reach such a wretch as you are; you are not jammed in hell yet, but you are the same as if you were….” Soul, do not believe him, he is a murderer of souls, and a liar from the beginning; there is hope for you; there is hope for you now.

“Come, let us return unto the Lord” and He will heal you; He will bind you up; He will receive you to His heart; He will in no wise cast you out.~ C.H. Spurgeon