Still, His children!

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. -Galatians 3:26

Now, why is it that mothers take so much pains in teaching their children to walk? I suppose the reason is, because they are their own offspring. And the reason why the Lord has been so patient with us, and will be so still, is because we are His children, still His children, still, His children! Ah there is wondrous power in that-still His children! I was sitting at table once, and I heard a mother expatiating upon her son. She said a very great deal about him; and some one sitting near me said, “I wish that good woman would be quiet.” I said, “What’s the matter? May she not speak of her son?” “Why,” he said, “he’s been transported. He was as bad a fellow as ever fired, and yet she always sees something wonderful in him.” So I ventured, some little time after, when I had gained her acquaintance, to say something about this son; and I remember her remark: “If there is nobody else to speak up for him his mother always will.” Just so; she loved him so that if she could not be altogether blind to his faults, yet she would also see all that was hopeful in him, Our blessed God does not bring into the foreground what we are, so much as what He means to make us. “Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more for ever.” He puts our blackness away; and He sees us as we shall be when we shall bear the image of the heavenly, and shall be like our Lord. For Christ’s sake, beholding our shield and looking upon the face of His anointed, He loves us and goes on to instruct us still… We are His own children. Oh! I have found it such a blessed thing, in my own experience, to plead before God that I am His child. ~ C.H. Spurgeon