Saving Faith Accepts the Truth of God

Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief. -Mark 9:24

I am not saved because I believe the Scriptures, or because I believe the doctrines of grace, but I am saved if I believe Christ; or, in other words, trust in Him. Jesus is my creed. He is the truth. In the highest sense the Lord Jesus is the Word of God. To know Him is life eternal. By His knowledge He justifies many. I do not know that the father in the narrative before us had heard many sermons. I am not sure that he had very clear notions about everything that concerned the Savior’s kingdom: it was not essential that he should have in order to obtain a cure for his son. It was a very desirable thing that he should be an instructed disciple, but in the emergency before us the main thing was that he should believe Christ to be both able and willing to cast the devil out of his son. Up to that point he did believe; and, though his faith may have been deficient as well in breadth as in depth, yet it enabled him to realize that the Messiah who stood before him was the Lord, and it led him to place all his reliance upon Him… When he heard Him say, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth,” he at once said, “Lord, I believe.”

Beloved hearer, I hope that thou hast come to put thy trust in Jesus in the same way, believing Him to be able and willing to save thee. This is the faith that will effectually save thee. if all thy trust is stayed in Him, if thou bringest all thy help from Him, if His wounds are thine only shelter, His blood thine only plea, Himself thine only confidence, then art thou a saved man, thy transgressions are forgiven thee for His name’s sake, thou art accepted in the Beloved. ~ C.H. Spurgeon