Power Enough in Christ’s Atoning Blood

Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them. -Hebrews 7:25

Have you never found it to be wonderfully easy to believe for other people? I know when I was seeking the Savior, I had no doubt about His receiving any other penitent. I felt certain that if the vilest sinner out of hell had come to Him, He was able to save him: and though I had no faith in Him on my own account, yet had I met with another distressed soul in a similar condition to myself, I believe I should have encouraged him to put his trust in Jesus, though I was afraid to do so myself. To believe for others is an easy matter, but when it comes to your own case, to believe that sins like yours can be blotted out, that you, who have so badly played the prodigal, may be received by your loving Father, that your spiritual diseases can be cured, and that the devil can be cast out of you,  here is the labor, here is the difficulty. But, beloved, we must believe this or else we have not saving faith. O my Savior, shall I trifle in faith by believing or pretending to believe that Thou canst heal a case parallel to mine, and yet cannot heal mine? Shall I draw a line and limit Thee, thou Holy One of Israel, and say, “Thou canst save up to me, but not so far as I have gone?” Shall I dream that Thy precious blood has some power, but not power enough to blot out my sins? Shall I dare, in the arrogance of my despair, to set a boundary to the merits of Thy plea, and to the virtue of Thine atoning sacrifice? God forbid. Jesus is able to save to the uttermost them that come unto God by Him,-He is able to save me. He that cometh unto Him He will in no wise cast out; I come to Him, and He will not, cannot cast me out. ~ C.H. Spurgeon