Why Does Christ Think So Much of Faith?

When Jesus saw their faith… – Mark 2:5

Why does Christ think so much of faith?

One reason is, because faith glorifies Him. He thinks much of it, because it thinks so much of Him. Faith believes Him, faith trusts Him, faith lives upon Him…Therefore, because faith highly esteems Christ, Christ highly esteems faith.

Next, He loves faith because it is God’s appointed way in which we are to receive blessings. God might have appointed ordinances as the vehicle of grace; but, instead thereof, He has made faith to be the medium of salvation. If thou believest, thou shalt be saved…Since God has put faith into so eminent a place, our Lord Jesus Christ loves to see it; He takes delight in that which pleases His Father.

Another reason why He loves it is, because faith is the signal which permits the train of mercy to come to us. Whenever unbelief holds up its arms, the train of almighty grace stands still. Of a certain place it is said, “He did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Their doubt blocked the way. But when faith lowers the signal, the great Driver of heaven’s express says, “That road is clear,” and He delights to see it, and drives right ahead…He is glad to come wherever He can bring a blessing, and He rejoices when faith reveals to Him a clear road. ~ C.H. Spurgeon



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