Do God’s Work Just the Same

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. -Psalm 51:12

Our Lord, though He was forsaken of God, still pursued His Father’s work -the work He came to do. “My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” But, mark you, He does not leave the cross; He does not unloose the nails as He might have done with a will; He did not leap down amidst the assembled mockers, and scorn them in return, and chase them far away. but He kept on bleeding, suffering, even until He could say, “It is finished,” and He did not give up the ghost till it was finished. Now, beloved, I find it, and I daresay you do, a very easy and pleasant thing to go on serving God when I have got a full sense of His love, and Christ shining in my face, when every text brings joy to my heart, and when I see souls converted, and know that God is going with the Word to bless it. That is very easy, but to keep on serving God when you get nothing for it -when there is no success, and when your own heart is in deep darkness of spirit-I know the temptation. Perhaps you are under it. Because you have not the joy you once had, you say, “I must give up preaching; I must give up that Sunday School. If I have not the light of God’s countenance, how can I do it? I must give it up.” Beloved, you must do no such thing…  What would you say to your child if you had to chasten him for doing wrong, if he were to go away and say, “I shall not attend to the errand that father has sent me upon, and I shall do no more in the house that father has commanded me to do, because father has beaten me this morning”? Ah! what a disobedient child! If the scourging had its fit effect upon him, he would say, “I will wrong thee no more, father, lest thou smite me again.” So let it be with us.~ C.H. Spurgeon

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