Buy the Truth and Sell It Not

Buy the truth, and sell it not. – Proverbs 23:23

Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. – Matthew 13:46

John Bunyan* pictures the pilgrims as passing at one time through Vanity Fair, and in Vanity Fair there were to be found all kinds of merchandise, consisting of the pomps and vanities, the lusts and pleasures of this present life and of the flesh. Now all the dealers, when they saw these strange pilgrims come into the fair began to cry, as shopmen will do, “Buy, buy, buy-buy this, and buy that.” There were the priests in the Italian row with their crucifixes and their beads. There were those in the German row with their philosophies and their metaphysics. There were those in the French row with their fashions and with their prettinesses. But the one answer that the pilgrims gave to all the dealers was this-they looked up and they said, “We buy the truth; we buy the truth,” and they would have gone on their way if the men of the Fair had not laid them by the heels in the cage, and kept them there, one to go to heaven in a chariot of fire, and the other afterwards to pursue his journey alone. This is very much the description of the genuine Christian at all times. He is surrounded by vendors of all sorts of things, beautifully got up and looking exceedingly like the true article, and the only way in which he will be able to pass through Vanity Fair safely is to keep to this, that he buys the truth, and if he adds to that the second advice of the text, and never sells it, he will, under divine guidance, find his way rightly to the skies. “Buy the truth, and sell it not.”

Truth is the one pearl beneath the skies that is worth having, and whatever else we buy not, we must buy the truth, and whatever else we may have to sell, yet we must never sell the truth, but hold it fast as a treasure that will last us when gold has cankered, and silver has rusted, and the moth has eaten up all goodly garments…Buy the truth. Here is the treasure. Cost it what it may, buy you it.~ C.H. Spurgeon

*Pilgrim’s Progress

17 thoughts on “Buy the Truth and Sell It Not

  1. I could be wrong about this but there have been posts about the Rapture on WordPress agree? While important to say and talk about the Rapture and how Pre Trib is Biblical and fits in the Word of God but are we getting off base talking about the Rapture and are losing focus preaching the Gospel to the lost on WordPress just wondering please tell me if I am wrong.

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    • I think its OK to chew gum and walk at the same time. 😀 But you are right in thinking that we can get off balance by over emphasizing the Rapture above the Gospel. The Rapture will take new believers up with those who know the Gospel truth even if they haven’t heard of it. For some, teaching on the Rapture is their gift. But I always recommend that the Gospel message be found somewhere on all Christian blog sites.

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      • I agree 100% the Gospel must be first and foremost on all Christian blog sites it’s just we talk about the Rapture many Christians have different view and are not Pre Trib that said there a Believers like you Crissy myself and others who are Pre Trib and that’s awesome. For those of us who lost family members who are with Jesus because they are Believers or for those that have a disability the Rapture is a good thing agree? It be interesting for new Believers who they are here the next up in the air. But we must point out heresy like Amillennialism.

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      • I agree with all that you said. I’m having it brought home that many believers believe a false teaching now and then (which is why we must be teachable and correctable and discerning), but it doesn’t always lead them to “another Jesus.” Its just that amillennialism makes God an oath breaker and liar to His people, Israel. It changes His Word to mean what it doesn’t say. People I admire are of this belief and its an astonishment to me because I would never have believed it to be true of them!

        Anyways, my prayers, and I’m sure yours, too, are for the opening of their eyes of understanding. Amen? God bless you, Bibleguy317!

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