Christ’s Blood Shed for All Men

So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many…-Hebrews 9:28

There was a blood-shedding once… it was a man-a God-that shed His blood at that memorable season. Come and see it. Here is a garden dark and gloomy; the ground is crisp with the cold frost of midnight; between those gloomy olive trees I see a Man, I hear Him groan out His life in prayer; hearken, angels, hearken men, and wonder; it is the Saviour groaning out His soul! Come and see Him. Behold His brow! O heavens! drops of blood are streaming down His face, and from His body; every pore is open, and it sweats! but not the sweat of men that toil for bread; it is the sweat of one that toils for heaven-He “sweats great drops of blood!” That is the blood-shedding, without which there is no remission. Follow that Man further; they have dragged Him with sacrilegious bands from the place of His prayer and His agony, and they have taken Him to the hall of Pilate; they seat Him in a chair and mock Him; a robe of purple is put on His shoulders in mockery; and mark His brow-they have put about it a crown of thorns, and the crimson drops of gore are rushing down His cheeks!…His back is bleeding…they scourge and tear His flesh…they hurry Him through the streets; they fling Him on the ground; they nail His hands and feet to the transverse wood, they hoist it in the air, they dash it into its socket, it is fixed, and there He hangs, the Christ of God. Blood from His head, blood from His hands, blood from His feet! In agony unknown He bleeds away His life; in terrible throes He exhausts His soul. “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani.” And then see! they pierce His side, and forthwith runneth out blood and water. This is the shedding of blood, sinners and saints; this is the awful shedding of blood, the terrible pouring out of blood, without which for you, and for the whole human race, there is no remission (of sin). ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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